We, the undersigned, see a world of fragmented artist and listener relationships. Community is strewn across the web. Comments. Threads. “Is attending”. 25,786 saved this playlist.

Some listens here. Other listens there.

How does a new artist begin, and how does an established artist make sense of their audience? How does a listener remain up-to-date?

Commercial interests litter the landscape. Promising connection, delivering isolation. The sum is greater than the parts. People listen to Music, not platforms.

OSCILLATOR will offer something others can’t — a place that values music over metrics, community over competition.

We will gather people. We will create spaces where artists and fans connect meaningfully, where music is more than background noise.

We will be scrappy and adaptable. Facing industry giants, we will innovate and be resourceful. Obstacles will be our opportunities to reinvent and reimagine. We will do the right thing. We will listen.

Music is ours, let’s set it free.